Labquality IQAS: Quality Controls for Internal Quality Assurance

Controls, calibrators and reference materials

Labquality's offers a wide selection of quality controls and reference materials for internal quality assurance (IQA) of clinical laboratories and point-of-care testing units. Third party controls play an essential role in ensuring day-to-day consistency of the results as they provide a truly independent, unbiased assessment of test system.

Product range

Labquality has a comprehensive offering of IQA products suitable for disciplines including hematology, immunology, clinical chemistry and microbiology. The portfolio includes both our own Bioclin branded calibrators and controls as well as a range of products from the leading quality control suppliers in the world. Labquality's IQA products are intended for:

  • All routine and specialized laboratory needs
  • Ensuring day-to-day consistency of the results
  • Detection of shifts linked to reagent lot changes

To determine the products best suiting you laboratory needs, please contact our sales team or take a look at our online catalog.